The SASS Team have been hard at work meeting with suppliers and Stoma Nurses / Therapist across the country with the aim of creating relationships to pave the way for a Holistic Approach to supporting Ostomates in both the Public and Private Sectors.

We have mostly been very well received and are encouraged by the commitment of support shown, especially by suppliers such as Hollister and Coloplast . We look forward to working with all the relevant stakeholders to pave the way for an improved system of care for the Ostomy Community across South Africa.

SASS Research Survey

Thank you to all who have completed and shared the SASS Research Survey. Preliminary findings have been interesting and helping us paint a picture of the current status quo related to support and care offered to Ostomates across South Africa.

Some of the preliminary findings are: 

36% of respondents indicated that they were unable to change their bag when they were discharged from hospital.

We need to understand the challenges faced by these Ostomates and try and work on a process to reduce the number of such instances

Almost 67% of respondents are not made aware of alternative products that are available to support the Ostomate.

What we need to establish is what the barriers are to not sharing the alternatives and if a better educational process would improve the quality of life for the Ostomate

44% of respondents have reported that they were not made aware of skin complications that may impact wear time.

Again, we need to understand the barriers that are preventing this type of education from happening. 

 A better understanding of how to care for our skin, will lead to savings down the line relating to products needed to support skin complications that may arise.

Probably the most concerning is that 41% of respondents to the survey feel that they still need support. 😥

The need to keep this conversation going

The sample size of those who completed the survey is still too small for us to definitively say that this is the status quo for Ostomates throughout the country and for that reason, we have been speaking to stakeholders for some additional support to share this survey amongst the Ostomy Community. There is an estimated 65 000 ostomates across South Africa and we need to get as many, if not all Stomatres to complete this survey to support the SASS Charter to advocate for an improved quality of support and life. This by no means discounts the phenomenal work many of our Stoma Nurses & Therapist are doing.  We need to get all of the relevant stakeholders, patients, doctors, nurses, suppliers medical insurance companies as well as department of health around teh same table to work towards a common goal – A BIG ASK but very possible if we have the data to support our claims.

We therefore appeal to you to please share the survey ( with as many Ostomates as possible.

For anyone needing more information or wanting to get involved with SASS, please feel free to contact us via email at 

We are looking forward to the possibilities the future has install for Ostomates across the country and sharing that journey with you.


    • Phatiswa Esterhuizen
      August 14, 2020 at 6:33 pm Reply

      I would like to be part of the survey.

      • SASS_Admin
        August 21, 2020 at 9:31 am Reply

        Hi Phatiswa
        I do apologise for the late reply.

        Please note that if you follow the link below it will take you directly to the survey:

        Thank you so much for participating.

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