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Ostomates Survival Guide Book

This booklet was developed by Ostomates for Ostomates, their loved ones and care givers. The aim of this book is to provide information and practical guidance to help you transition to the NEW YOU.

Being told that you are getting a stoma can be an emotionally overwhelming moment in your life and the life of your loved one. This does not have to be the case. You are not alone and there is support available to assist you on YOUR journey.

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It is also important to note that although these are tips and tricks that are used generally, in some instances some of what is mentioned in this guide may not work for you. The reason for this is because as much as you are an individual, so too is your stoma and you may find that some tweaking is required with applying and using your

pouching system. It is important for you as the Ostomate to have a very good relationship with your Stoma Nurse. DO NOT ever feel that you cannot speak to them or feel too embarrassed to speak to them. You have the right to the support and care that will help you maintain a dignified life.

If you feel that you need additional support or would like to speak to fellow Ostomates, please do feel welcome to contact us on email at info@sasstomates.org.za or on WhatsApp 066 261 0654. We would also appreciate your feedback or recommendations for additions to this book.

We hope that this book is of good use to you and please do reach out if you need any additional support.

Faizel Jacobs – Chairperson – SASS


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Guide Booklet

In this book, we will discover what a stoma is, the types of stomas as

well as the journey leading up to and after surgery. We will also

explore some practical tips that Ostomates across the world have

been using to become more accustomed to their new normal. We will

also share with you YOUR RIGHTS as an Ostomate in the type of care

and support you deserve.

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Real people, real stories, real perspectives.