Thank you for your participation in this survey. Data received will help SASS and the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) advocate for an improved level of healthcare within YOUR Ostomy community. Please contact SASS regarding any queries about this survey.

Below are some useful resources to support our Ostomy Community

Download your FREE Survival Guide

In this book, we will discover what a stoma is, the types of stomas as well as the journey leading up to and after surgery.

We will also explore some practical tips that Ostomates across the world have been using to become more accustomed to their new normal.

We will also share with you YOUR RIGHTS as an Ostomate in the type of care and support you deserve.

Stoma Counselling

CANSA offers free pre- and post-operative counselling.  Advice is given to ostomates and family members in order to empower them to cope with living with a stoma day-to-day.

For ostomates or family members of ostomates living far from their nearest CANSA Care Centre, our CANSA Tele Stoma Support service is a life-line.

Make an appointment via our Toll Free line on 0800 22 66 22 or email to receive free stoma-specific advice, and a trained stoma consultant will give you a call during working hours (08:00 to 16:30).