My story like many others living with Ulcerative Collitis, is more or less very similar.

Living with Collitis since 2002 for me was a nightmare. To the point of much deliberation and contemplation I walked into my surgeons room so mad with life and this feeling of unfairness. I said doc “I’ve had enough of this s*&t, I want my colon out!” 

This is how my journey of being an ostomate started in 2016. It’s definitely not an easy decision, but when you stuck between a rock and a hard place, your options are limited.

I found strength to enter those surgery room doors from my parents , my siblings , my husband and 2 wonderful kids and my most loving friends.

They all trusted, believed and supported my decision, but my biggest strength came from my trust in God.

I placed all my faith in believing that he has guided me to where I am evitably meant to be.

With affirmation I can say I have embraced being an ostomate, I have overcome many hurdles and this has only made me stronger. In 2017 I gave birth to my beautiful son. I’m now very involved in alot, I am trying to recover all those Years that i have missed out on and made me so feel so disabled.

Now I’m able to conquer the world. Currently I am in a women’s soccer and cricket club, sport has always been my passion. I’ve now been given back my passion and found my purpose in life.

To all those with Ulcerative Collitis and that are struggling, take it one day at a time, God will never burden you with more then you can handle.

It’s not the destination that matters , but the journey along the way that makes it so worthwhile.

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