We are so thankful to the team at SASA (The South African Stomaltherapy Association) for supporting our monthly meetings.

This evening, Sr Jane Hoole chats to us about Stoma Products available in South Africa. Through the course of this conversation, we covered some interesting topics that we are confident, you the Ostomate will find extremely useful. These topics included:

01:00 – What pouching systems are available in South Africa

06:30- What is Convexity

08:15 – Accessories/Necessities/Supporting Products

11:15 – Choosing the correct Pouching System

18:00 – Stoma Assessment for choosing your pouching system

22:38 – Pouch Changing / Pouch emptying

These topics were followed by some interesting questions from our guests:

31:00 – Contacting Suppliers or finding a qualified Stoma Nurse

32:00 – Your Rights to healthcare

35:00 – How often should you be seen by a stoma therapist?

40:20 – I get multiple products but they don’t all work and sometimes change 3 times a day?

46:00 – I have been using Friars Balsam, is there any dangers if I continue using it?

49:40 – Is there a Rolls-Royce of bags?

51:15 – Why should we not use the support belt with the hole in it?

54:55 – Can I recommend the product that works for me to another Ostomate?

58:20 – Considerations to take before starting a workout program.

1:04:03 – Pilates vs Bio kineticist vs Physiotherapist

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