With summer here you may be wondering if you can swim with your Stoma and bag; in short YES!

Swimming is probably one of the best exercises after ostomy surgery but you may be feeling anxious that the pouching system may fail or embarressed because of the bag. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you address these concerns.

Is it safe to swim with the bag on?
Our bags are waterproof and therefore it is no problem to hop in the water when you feel like it: Be it in the ocean, a lake, a river or a pool – just enjoy the water wherever you want!

Try on your swimsuit at home.
You can enjoy the water as much as before you had a stoma. Put your swimsuit on with your pouch at home first. Wear it in the bath or shower to get comfortable with how it looks and feels when it is wet.

Test that your pouch is secure.
It is unlikely that your puching system will come loose in the water. It’s easy to prove this to yourself. Just sit or lie in a full bathtub for a while to test and ensure that the seal stays snug and leak-free.

Planning on diving in?

If you intend to dive into a pool, check that your pouching system is secure. For added security, wear a snug bathing suit that will help keep it in place. A man can wear drawstring trunks, tightly fitted around the waist or a Rash Vest for added security

It is natural to worry that others will notice your stoma and stare. In truth, most people will not even notice the color of your swimsuit, let alone what is underneath it.

Tasha Critchley a classified British para-swimmer, shares some tips and tricks she has found works for her.

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