Living with Collitis – Nadia Ali

My story like many others living with Ulcerative Collitis, is more or less very similar. Living with Collitis since 2002 for me was a nightmare. To the point of much deliberation and contemplation I walked into my surgeons room so mad with life and this feeling of unfairness. I said doc “I’ve had enough of […]

Shocking treatment of stoma patients in the public health sector

Daily Maverick exposé has revealed the shocking treatment of stoma patients in the public health sector. Many have resorted to dangerous alternatives due a shortage of colostomy pouches in Gauteng, while others are fitted with incorrect ones. There are also allegations of tender corruption among suppliers. Mark Heywood, Citizen Maverick editor, says the problem is […]

Types of Ostomy Bags and How to Choose What’s Best for You

Many Ostomates fall victim to the common misconceptions that daily leakage and skin irritation are normal occurrences that come with the territory of having an ostomy. The reality is, they are going through unnecessary struggles due to the fact that they aren’t using the best products for my individual situation.

Intimacy with an Ostomy

It is normal normal to feel anxious about how stoma has changed your body and this can make you shy away from being intimate with your partner. Meaningful and fulfilling intimate encounters can still be part of your and your partner’s lives.  Open and honest communication with your partner lay at the heart of the […]

SASSTOMATES Running 4 Nurses

South Africa has over 60 000 people living with a stoma and less than 100 nurses qualified to offer appropriate support & care. Sasstomates Faizel Jacobs & Graham Daniels will be running the 2022 Cape Town Marathon to raise funds for SASS. Funds raised will be used to send nurses in the public healthcare system […]

SASS – July 2022 Support Group Meeting

Meeting Details: Topic: Lifestyle Tips & Tricks Date & Time: 27 July 2022 at 19:00 Johannesburg Please join the SASS Support group meeting where we will be chatting lifestyle tips and tricks for Ostomates.  PLEASE NOTE: Once registered you will receive the meeting login details.

SASS at Tygerberg Hospital Stoma Clinic

SASS, in collaboration with the Tygerberg Hospital Stoma Clinic & The South African Stomaltherapy Association (SASA) hosted a workshop with nurses from the stoma clinics that fall within Tygerberg Hospital’s district. At the event, our Stoma Nurse Sr Busi from Tygerberg hospital and Sr Aneeke from SASA spoke to the group in attendance covering topics: […]