SASS – What Stoma Products are Availible?

We are so thankful to the team at SASA (The South African Stomaltherapy Association) for supporting our monthly meetings. This evening, Sr Jane Hoole chats to us about Stoma Products available in South Africa. Through the course of this conversation, we covered some interesting topics that we are confident, you the Ostomate will find extremely […]

Understanding your ileostomy

Understanding your ileostomy plays a huge role in coming to terms with having one and most importantly, managing your “NEW YOU”. Please June our May Monthly Support Group meeting as we explore ileostomies in abit more detail. Meeting Details: Topic: Operations that result in an ileostomy/Ulcerative colitis vs Crohn’s disease/recap diet/managing lose watery stools/appropriate pouching […]

Is my colostomy blocked or am I constipated?

Is my Ostomy blocked? A blockage is not only with Colostomy right ? Understanding your gut plays a significant role in helping you manage life with your Stoma. In this support group meeting , our The South African Stomaltherapy Association (SASA) nurses Dee and Jane recap on the Gastro Intestinal Tract, types of stoma then […]

SASS – April Support Group Meeting – Stoma Products

Meeting Details:Topic: Stoma ProductsDate & Time: 4th May 2022 at 19:00 Johannesburg Please join the SASS Support group meeting where we will be chatting about Stoma Products. What is available? what do I need?  Its is important to note that these sessions by no means replaces a consultation with your Stoma Nurse or Physician. These […]

Pierre shares his learnings

Hi, my name is Pierre Van Der Merwe. I have a urostomy, not sure how many people on the group has one (ilial conduit) But one of the interesting things I have learned (on this group) is that some of you give your stoma bag a name? Now from the start my “bag” felt like […]

SASS – March Support Group Meeting – Blockage vs Constipation

Meeting Details: Topic: Blockage vs Constipation Date & Time: 30th March 2022 at 19:00 Johannesburg Please join the SASS Support group meeting where our nurse will be explaining the difference between a blockage and constipation. We will also explore the most commonly treatment plans. Its is important to note that these sessions by no means […]

Diet. The Dos & Don’ts

he SASS February Virtual Support group meeting welcomed SASA (South African Stomaltherapy Association) to the meeting. SASA is a Not-For-Profit organisation established for the purpose of maintaining optimum care for individuals with ostomies, incontinence, draining wounds, fistulae, draining and feeding tubes and actual or potential alterations in tissue integrity. This evening, Sr Dee Waugh shared […]

SASS – February Virtual Support Group Meeting

South African Stomaltherapy Association ( SASA )

Meeting Details: Topic: Diet – Eating plans. The do’s and the donts Date & Time: 23th February 2022 at 19:00 Johannesburg The meeting Log In Details will be sent to you once your registration has been completed – Registration Form Below We are so excited to announce the collaboration with South African Stomaltherapy Association (SASA).  […]

Exercise and Movement

In honouring those #GetFit #NewYearsResolutions, SASS had invited Sarah Russell to the first Virtual Support Meeting of 2022 Sarah spoke to us about the benefits of exercise and movement, sharing from her 25 years’ experience as an Exercise Specialist and an Ostomate. About Sarah  Sarah is a clinical exercise specialist, certified clinical Pilates instructor (APPI […]

Michelle Fourie shares her journey

Michelle Fourie

Hi my name is Michelle Fourie. I am 45 years old and it is my 1 year stoma anniversary (December 2021). I have a colostomy bag. It all started about a year-and-a-half ago. I thought my appendix had burst. The pain was unexplainable. Paramedics arrived and did not want to send me to the hospital […]