Types of Colostomys

Ascending Colostomy

  • In the ascending (vertical section, on your right) colon
  • Uncommon type of colostomy
  • Stool is liquid to semi-liquid and very irritating to the skin

Transverse Colostomy

  • In the transverse (horizontal section, across the abdomen) colon
  • Stool is liquid to semi-formed
  • Usually constructed as a loop
  • Usually temporary

Descending Colostomy

  • In the descending (vertical section, on your left) colon
  • A more common type of colostomy
  • Stool is semi-formed to formed due to more water being absorbed while in the ascending and transverse colons 

Sigmoid Colostomy

  • In the lower left portion of the large intestine on your left, just before the rectum
  • Stool is formed. All water has been absorbed in the previous areas of the intestines
Sigmoid Colostomy