What does a Stoma look and feel like?

After surgery, your stoma may be quite swollen, to begin with but will reduce in size over time – usually after six to eight weeks.

No sensation, no pain

A stoma is red in colour. This is because it is a mucous membrane, just like the mucous membrane inside your mouth. There is no sensation in the stoma, so it is not at all painful to touch.  The stoma can bleed a little when being cleaned, especially in the beginning, but this is quite normal and should stop shortly afterward.

Please note:

It is important to examine your stoma regularly. If you find little black spots developing and it does not clear up within a day or to, you should immediately contact your Stoma Nurse or Physician to examine your stoma.

Also, keep in mind that your stoma will most likely at some point change in shape as o bodies go through the normal changes. If leaks become a regular occurrence, you may need to chat with your Stoma Nurse about a possible change in the pouching system. This means that you need to build a good relationship with your Stoma Nurse as he or she will become one of your best friends.